Sixth Form Offer

Presfield Sixth Form January 2021

Presfield's Sixth Form

At Presfield’s Sixth Form we are committed to our schools statement of ‘Shaping Futures and Changing Lives’. In Sixth Form we believe that;

‘Through supporting the development of positive communication skills, we aim to present all students with opportunities in order to help prepare them for the demands of adult life and maximise their chances of personal fulfilment and happiness.’

Curriculum Pathways

In Sixth Form we pride ourselves on offering outstanding teaching and learning opportunities to all of our students and we are able to implement this through ensuring that our students timetables are bespoke and innovatively linked to their future pathways.

We offer a wide range of pathways to our students both academically, vocationally and socially. We also ensure that these are underpinned by working under the guidance of the National Autistic Society and priding ourselves on knowing and understanding our students and their needs.

This year has seen the development and implementation of a new A Level Programme, the first one ran within our school.

Options of Provision

Our current Sixth Form offer has 3 distinct pathways, these are destination focussed and students will follow the right pathway for them.

Academic Provision – These students follow an academic pathway in line with Nationally recognised qualifications such as GCSE’s, AS Levels and A Levels. These students have a tailored timetable to ensure that they are able to become self dependent in managing their Autism and their own regulation strategies. 

Life Skills Provision – These students following this provision pathway are supported in attaining vocational qualifications that will enable them to access their local communities and be safe. These students will learn how to become independent within their own homes and take on more responsibility for themselves.

Sensory Provision – The students who follow this pathway each have a unique timetable that allows their sensory needs to be met. They work towards a qualification suite that is suitable to their abilities and encompasses their needs in every learning episode.

There is the option for students to access aspects of each pathway to ensure we meet all our students needs. 

Transition Provision

‘At Presfield we aim to prepare our students for their future destinations which can include colleges and universities, or apprenticeships and further training.’


We have established fantastic links with other educational establishments and training providers to ensure that we can cater for and support further development of our students and their futures.


We offer bespoke transition packages to our students and their families in order to help them to feel as confident and empowered about moving forward positively with their futures.

Inclusive Autism Provision

Here at Presfields Sixth Form we are able to offer a unique level of provision and support for our students. We are able to help them fully understand and appreciate their Autism diagnosis and how it makes them unique and the fantastic person they are.

We encourage our students to advocate for themselves in a vast amount of different work, academic and social situations. We believe in upskilling our students to embrace the National Autistic Society’s mission statement of ‘Transforming Lives and Changing Attitudes’. Something which is being done on a daily basis through our students becoming integrated and valued within our local school community and wider communities in which they live and complete work experience.

Student Video

Some of our Sixth Form students have put together a short video of their thoughts about our provision here at Presfield.