Ethos & Values


We are an inclusive and happy school which believes in maximising the potential for all our differing students. Parents choose to send their children to a specialist school to ensure they are supported to progress socially as well as academically. We place as much emphasis on progress in social development as we do in academic progress. This focus on social development does not mean we have low academic progress expectations. We not only judge ourselves against similar schools but also against mainstream expectations. Our primary focus is to support students to increase their employability and challenge current percentages (16%) of autistic people who are in sustained employment. We recognise our intake’s ability often surpasses the typical special school demographic. The prior attainment on entry to the school is significantly below national averages with an average fine points score at KS2 of -10.9 below national (ROL Dec 2016). IDSR (Jan 2018) difference from national average is a average of -10.75 (Yrs 8-11)
 A very high percentage of students (95% Eng, 79% Maths-Yrs 9-11 2016-17) entered the school with only teacher assessed KS2 data.  40% of our year 8 do not have scaled scores and 36% of our new year seven do not have scaled scores.
The school catchment area is predominantly Sefton with 14/94 (15%) travelling from Lancashire.


  • We want our learners to feel safe, confident, valued, empowered and listened to, respecting themselves, others and the world we live in.
  • We want our learning environment to reflect the needs and celebrate the success of all our students.
  • We offer learning experiences which are motivating, challenging and which help prepare the pupil for life.
  • We want our learning opportunities to be creative and inclusive in engaging the individual to fulfil their potential, promoting success in lifelong learning.
  • We want our students to leave us as confident and competent communicators, able to take their place in society as considerate and responsible young adults.

SCHOOL Priorities

  • To improve students accessing reading for pleasure and their reading ability to enable them to access examination papers.
  • To raise awareness of differing employment pathways through an enriched life skills curriculum across the school years preparing our students to become active members of society.
  • To improve understanding of mental health and wellbeing across the school and support all stakeholders to keep well.

if you have met one person with autism, you’ve met ONE person with autism