Presfied High School & Specialist College Governing Body 2020/2021
Headteacher: Mr T Fay
Chairperson: Mr M Purcell, Vice Chairperson: Mr H Cooper
Clerk to the Governors: Mrs D Davies

NameCategory / Appointed By:Term Of Office (Start)Term Of Office (End)Curriculum ResponsibilityDesignated Governors
Mr Tony FayHeadteacher *GB01/01/2016N/AHeadtecher
Mr Mark PurcellChair Of Governors *GB12/06/201911/06/2023RESafeguarding / Headteacher Performance
Mrs Claire BlottCo-Opted *GB28/03/201627/03/2024Vocational, 14-19 Curriculum
Mr Howard CooperLA Governor, Vice Chair *LA 09/04/201808/04/2022Humanities, ICTDeputy Safeguarding
Mrs Susie RoylanceCo-Opted *GB28/03201627/03/2024English, MathsGDPR
Mrs Isabelle EvansStaff Governor *SE28/03/201627/03/2021Teacher Governor
Mr Chris BaumberC-Opted *GB26/02/201925/02/2023Health & Safety
Mr Stephen FaircloughParent Governor *PE10/05/201909/05/2023Parent Governor
Mrs Amanda HeskethParent Governor *PE29/01/202028/01/2024Parent Governor

Governors Committee Membership

Finance / StaffingPremises, Health & SafetySchool EffectivenessHeateacher's Performance & Pay
Mrs Susie Roylance (Chair)Mr Chris Baumber (Chair)Mr Mark Purcell (Chair)Mr Mark Purcell (Chair)
Mr Mark PurcellMr Mark PurcellMr Howard CooperMr Howard Cooper
Mr Howard CooperMrs Isabelle EvansMr Chris Baumber
Mr Chris BaumberMr Howard CooperMrs Claire Blott
Mrs Claire BlottMr Stephen FaircloughMrs Isabelle Evans
Mrs Amanda HeskethMrs Susie Roylance
Mr Stephen Fairclough
Mrs Amanda Hesketh

Register Of Interests

Name Of GovernorDeclared Interest
Mr Tony FayNone
Mr Mark PurcellNone
Mr Howard CooperNone
Mrs Susie RoylanceNone
Mrs Claire BlottNone
Mrs Mel PinningtonNone
Mr Chris BaumberNone
Mrs Isabelle EvansNone
Mr Stephen FaircloughNone
Mrs Amanda HeskethNone

Governors Meetings 2020 / 2021

AutumnFull Governing Body30/09/2018:15
Premises Health & Safety19/11/2018:15
Finance & Staffing19/11/2019:15
SpringSchool Effectiveness21/01/2118:15
Premises Health & Safety03/03/2118:15
Finance & Staffing03/03/2119:15
Full Governing Body24/03/2118:15
SummerSchool Effectiveness29/04/2118:15
Premises Health & Safety09/06/2118:15
Finance & Staffing09/06/2119:15
Full Governing Body01/07/2118:15

Governors Attendance