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Social Media Coffee Morning

Mr Appleton hosts a Coffee Morning discussing key information relating to social media


  • What social media is
  • Evolution of social media
  • Social Media’s impact on society
  • Most commonly used social media
  • Key issues involved with social media use
  • How to mitigate social media related issues

SPCF Coffee Morning

May thanks to Sefton Parent Carer Forum (SCPF) for coming to our Coffee Morning and meeting with some of the Presfield family community.

It was great to hear about all the extra services which we can explore and also good to be reminded that “we are not alone”.

Please get in touch, if you feel that they can help with support outside of school. They are a super resource and also have regular coffee mornings, which they would love you to attend.

Spoken Word Project

Proud to showcase their English skills, students from Presfield joined the Spoken Word Project! Over just a couple of weeks each student created their very own piece of poety centred around a topic of their own choosing!

These included:

  • Peace & war
  • Having your voice heard
  • Littering & the environment
  • Dreams & Sea life
  • Global warming